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Making Dreams Come True?

The husband and wife duo at Angie Stith Designs has been designing and building living spaces across the Dallas-Fort Worth area for more than 20 years. With a beginning in house flipping, Angie & Rob quickly gained the knowledge and experience necessary for any home improvement or enhancement project. Rob heads up construction while Angie brings an eye for design & décor and passion for transforming living spaces coupled with a skill for project management. Together, they manage the day-to-day operations of all projects. 

Over the years, as Angie & Rob began expanding their business, they also expanded their crew to include 3 boys, Joshua (18), Caleb (16) and Noah (13). Founded on the principles of hard work and dedication, the entire Stith family now shares the commitment (and sometimes the work) to providing an exceptional experience that results in happy clients.

Angie Stith
Creative Director

How We Work

From beginning to end, we handle every stage and every detail of your project providing you with a single point of contact to ensure your project meets your needs, timeline and budget. We ensure any home enhancement seamlessly matches the rest of your house by keeping the overall feel of the home into account. From planning and selection of materials & décor to the demolition and construction process, we provide as much (or as little) assistance as you need to create a home that reflects you. More than designers, decorators and contractors, we are problem solvers.

The first step in our hands-on approach is to listen. We get to know you and gain insight and understanding of your everyday life, personal tastes and vision. Once we’ve identified your needs, we plan and execute effective solutions to create spaces that compliments your lifestyle. By gaining a true understanding of our clients' priorities and desires for their home, the entire process goes faster, easier and far more cost-effectively. We ensure that your home meets your lifestyle and provides the most quality and value for your investment.

For our remodel & renovation projects, we’re responsible for everything from start to finish. We generate, coordinate and maintain the timelines, schedules, budgets and construction quality throughout the entire project to completion. Our crews work for us. We don’t hire or partner with subcontractors and vendors to complete our projects. Our team is comprised of hard-working, highly experienced workers and crews who take pride in the work. We design the space, run the job, oversee every aspect of the project and provide our clients with a single point of contact to ensure an exceptional experience that results in happy clients.

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